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Children’s Bushcraft Kit

Children’s Bushcraft Kit

A perfect present for your outdoor loving children.

Kit includes:-

*Molle utility pouch

*Ferro rod and striker

* Fire biscuits (waxed pads)

*Cotton pads

*Small tin of petroleum jelly

*Jute string

*Char cloth

*Glow stick

*Emergency whistle on paracord (paracord colours vary)

The dimensions of the bag are 4.33" (11cm) x 1.97" (5cm) x 6.89" (17.5cm), and it weighs 0.13kg/0.29lb.

The pouch can be attached to belts or other kit bags and is even designed to fit 5.5"-6" mobile phones for those who can’t leave the house without it.

If parents would like we can include a pack of weatherproof matches

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